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Pay-as-you-Grow research package

Pay-as-you-grow - growing your family tree without costing the earth

Our Pay-as-you-grow package lets you enlist our help with growing your family tree while making sure you keep tight control over your costs. Perhaps you've already done some work on your family history yourself, but would now like to ask us to check what you've done, expand on it, put "flesh on the bones" for you, or take things further back. We're happy to do all that.

As with all our packages, we will work to a pre-agreed budget figure. Tell us what you want us to do, and how much you're willing to spend, and we do as much as we can within the budget. 

The project will kick off with a discussion about what it is you would like to focus on and what you already know. Once we're happy we have your requirements and a satisfactory starting point, we'll then get cracking on your research.

We will keep in close touch with you at all times, updating you on progress and how much budget is left. When the budget is used up, we'll present our results. If there is more that could be done, and the prospects of making further progress look good, we can then discuss what else could be achieved and how much you might be willing to pay.